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Thanks to all our users from the U.S. eWeather HD receives a streak of 5 star ratings ! Here is the latest reviews from the AppStore!

by Shark 5150 - Dec 23, 2015
I usually don't write reviews. But this has been my go-to weather app for awhile now. Very accurate and nice UI. Only gripe is that the watch portion is useless without Glance or Complication abilities. I hear that they're working on it tho. We'll see how long that takes. Overall, I'd recommend this app for sure.
Pretty accurate 

by Rocketlamb - Dec 22, 2015
Like the app. The alerts are great to have in tornado season.
Best weather app. 

by RU8 - Dec 22, 2015
I love that it also tell you UV, Precipitation, humidity, etc. Also has a setting to follow you so you don't have to always change zip code.

by bit..! - Dec 21, 2015
Love the app,it tells me everything I want to know...the only downfall,not as accurate as I would like..close tho...

by WTBuff12 - Dec 21, 2015
I've never been very happy with any weather app, BUT...this is the best one I've found for where I live! Thanks!!

by ✨Jorge✨ - Dec 20, 2015
I like the new update! Works great! However sometimes the readings are not accurate...
Weather. This is definitely the best ever 

by NICKLASJR - Dec 23, 2015
Best weather map ever used.
The best iPhone, iPad & Apple Watch weather app! 

by Kyler Graham - Dec 23, 2015
This is a brilliant iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch weather app, the only one you'll ever need. Contains in depth weather conditions, alerts earthquakes, tide charts... Great having the live Doppler radar also. Don't need TV weather forecasters any longer. Author updates and improves app often. ***update*** This continues to be the best and most stable weather app I have used and I have tried quite a few! Keep up the good work.
Good app 

by 1eyedal - Dec 23, 2015
Updated accurate information
The Best Weather App. 

by Pearmtn - Dec 23, 2015
This has been the most accurate of all, and it's beautiful to see.

by Fabritower1298 - Dec 23, 2015
This is the most accurate app for weather radar. I recommend this to anyone who is out in the elements. Great job!!!
Watch the Nation & the World... Family, Friends, PLAN A VACATION! 

by Katia Maria - Dec 23, 2015
Great app... Spectacular graphics, unlimited capacity to watch the weather ALL THE WORLD OVER in style & spot on weather detail, warnings, humidity, lows, highs, ups and downs, 5-7 day forecasting... This app has it all! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
My weather 

by Dritto39 - Dec 23, 2015
This app is simple to use and read. The forecast is generally on point. Use it every day. I've tried other weather apps but none are as easy to use nor as interesting to view.

by Brito bj - Dec 23, 2015
it's okay
Excellent App 

by Hubby'sLinenLady - Dec 23, 2015
App gets better and better. I've been using this app for years now and it's always accurate. It's versatile in that there are a lot of ways to view the same information, so it's never boring. And I like that it gives weather alerts and earthquake information. I feel fully informed using this application and highly recommend it.
My favorite weather app! 

by Seattle_Brad - Dec 23, 2015
I'm kind of a weather geek. I've tried lots of apps. I keep coming back to eWeather. So yes, it is still my go to weather app. Info rich with an attractive interface. Love the weather map, get temps and forecasts worldwide. If I could pull up historic data I'd give five stars (I decided to give five stars anyway, but PLEASE add HISTORICAL DATA)!

by samthezuzu - Dec 23, 2015
I had this app since 2010! It is getting better and better and it is a very accurate app! The upgrades are very useful as well!!
Great App 

eWeather HD 3.5 - Weather app for iPhone and iPad

eWeather HD 3.5 - Weather app for Apple Watch

by BDH72 - Dec 23, 2015
I love this weather app. It's on target every hour of the day and night. I rely on it everyday. It helps me decide what clothing I will be wearing the next day. I also love that you can see the temperature on your home screen.
The best weather app bar none! 

by Starcharvski - Dec 23, 2015
This is, without a doubt, the best weather app available. Everything you could possibly want to know about your weather is provided. Very comprehensive and intuitive!
Great Travel Companion 

by Dupplicator666 - Dec 23, 2015
This App has kept up dry more than once with the hourly forecast. While riding motorcycle it good to know when what hour the rain in coming and the "feels like" temp lets you know how many layers are going to be needed.

by DeDeBirder - Dec 23, 2015
Very helpful app.
Great app!! 

by Ddodyidoxlbd - Dec 23, 2015
This is the best weather app I have ever had. Love it!!
Most beautiful weather app ever 

by SweatininHouston - Dec 23, 2015
After years of dedication to TWC and Weather Underground, I finally went looking for an alternative. This app is the most beautiful depiction of info that I've seen. It's easy to set up, gives loads of choices for customization , and most importantly, is accurate and up-to-the-minute. And yes--it's also gorgeous! Love this one!
HD Weather 

by : Orangecrush98 - Dec 23, 2015
Best weather app out there!!!!!
Great weather app 

by Robbob1234321 - Dec 23, 2015
Very easy to use and I like the different ways the data is displayed.
Very Pleased!!! 

by Cadrmh - Dec 23, 2015
So far so good! This app is beautiful with rich color and animations both are very important to me not to mention the most important part is accuracy...so far really good!!! Thank you. 😊
Very nice app and very accurate. 

by Very nice and helpful app. - Dec 23, 2015
Very nice and accurate weather related information.

by Ardk - Dec 23, 2015
Good weather app A+ 


by 13226lkw - Dec 23, 2015
Keeps the temp. On your home screen.
Beyond excellent 

by ChrisKoniges - Dec 23, 2015
This app is a work of art. You will need to spend some time clicking on stuff and pulling the screens up and down to fully appreciate it.

by ConcertCrazy - Dec 23, 2015
Best weather app in the store.
Intuitive & clean interface 

by dididothat2 - Dec 23, 2015
This app packs a wealth of information into a clean & easy to learn interface. I can quickly check other cities and dig deeper for more info than I ever would expect in a weather app! Great!

by Sl1ckd4ddykane - Dec 23, 2015
Had this app for about 4 years now. It's a great app! Very very accurate considering whether is usually unpredictable anyway. Get this app!!!
E weather HD 

by Scrammy2u# - Dec 23, 2015
Beautiful app! I have just began to use the app, but so far very nice. Thank you.
Best weather app around 

by Kygary. - Dec 22, 2015
All my weather needs in this app.
Best Weather App 

by Alanjaugust - Dec 22, 2015
This is the best! Simple, direct, elegant, and accurate. I've been using this app for at least a coupe of years, and do not intend to change. Please, if you make any changes to this app, always keep in mind to what got you here in the first place!
Excellent for amateur meteorologists! 

by No really, just get this! - Dec 22, 2015
Update #2: the latest updates are excellent (as always!) & these guys don't sacrifice the forecasting abilities to include new bells & whistles. Super for moon & millibar pressure info, earthquakes, & even sunspots/solar radiation. I like that I can keep bookmarks of places all over the world. Regularly updated with *useful* improvements, as developer actually reads feedback & most importantly, *incorporates* suggestions. I would like to see (in the notes section at the bottom maybe?) any cool astronomical events—meteor showers, auroras, etc., but as it is, this is a *tremendously* useful app!!
Great weather app 

by iron bridge - Dec 22, 2015
This weather app has been my home page "go to" app for over four years. I've tried others but this is the best. Keeps improving.
Best Weather App ☀️⛅️⚡️☔️ 

by Kanavel - Dec 22, 2015
I was previously using a different weather app. Then I found eWeather. Very nice app. I am glad I made the change. Full featured. I especially like the temperature notification on the icon. All the settings for customization of the app is another value add.
First and only app I've reviewed. 

by Botast - Dec 22, 2015
Everyone asks what weather app it is they see on my phone. It is so versatile from different types of radar, sun/moon rise and set times, accurate forecasts, etc.
Weather the WX Right 

by Bravehome - Dec 22, 2015
This is my go-to app for WX! Love the ease of seeing 'today's' picture, followed by the weekly picture. But my fav part is checking out 'events' on the global map. Living in OK, I track earthquakes, radar and alerts. Also fun to read alerts in the country of origin languages (I dabble in several). You won't feel left out in the cold with this app!
Sometimes Mysterious, Always Revealing! 

by Terrazzoman - Dec 22, 2015
Remember discovering how many layers of function there were in your first iPhone, even though it only had one button? This app emulates that: simple pools of basic information, for those times when I just want the basic weather, with amazing levels of information floating below the surface. After fighting with The Weather Channel, this app restores the Ooo-ahhh to my weather questions- simply profound.
One of my faves 

by Sunnieskye - Dec 22, 2015
I put this app on my iPad the day I bought it. It's been on there ever since. It is stable, as accurate as weather prediction can be, and the updates don't crash it. I've been through many apps and deleted them for stability reasons, removal of vital functionalities, or deciding I just don't like the app, but this ones a keeper.
Best. Weather. App. Ever 

by Dozeldorf - Dec 22, 2015
This app is so well designed. It delivers a ton of information but in a way that's easy to understand and navigate. The 365 day weather history is a very nice surprise and it's presented in a creative and effective way. I will never need another weather app, ever.
This is really impressive. 

by CPU-guy - Dec 22, 2015
I've looked at quite a lot of weather apps over the years. This one has everything I've been looking for.
Still the best 

by AMItchA - Dec 22, 2015
I have been tempted by other weather apps over the years but always come back to this. Very simple and completely accurate. All that you need in an app. It has kept me current no matter where in the world I may be. Great to know what is happening in places you follow or may be visiting soon.
Great App! 

by GregLSofCA - Dec 22, 2015
Very useful. Easy to get the info. I need.
My go-to weather app 


by StatmanM - Dec 22, 2015
Has replaced The a Weather Channel app as the one I use. More details, sophisticated, easy to use, better looking.
Best weather app EVER! 

by Katstarr - Dec 22, 2015
I have half a dozen weather apps on my iPhone. I had them all before this one. I don't use them anymore. This is the best weather app out there bar-none. I have three earthquake apps too, but don't need them either. This app has it all, and it's accurate. Love it!!!
The Best 

by BLKrieger - Dec 22, 2015
The best I've found, and I've tried a bunch of these. Lacks for nothing. Lots of info, presented perfectly.
Best App 
by cantwait2retire - Dec 22, 2015
I really enjoy this app. It looks great and it's easy to understand. I also have the Launcher App which puts it under Notifications. What else could I ask for - it does what it's supposed to and more.
Excellent App! 

by Rhakotis - Dec 22, 2015
Works great, beautiful graphics, worth the money!
My go-to weather app! 

by Tafai - Dec 22, 2015
The most accurate weather app I've found. I like that you can see the hour by hour breakdown for temps and rain. I am a migraine sufferer and this is one of the few apps that shows barometric pressures.
Excellent Weather App! 

by RJF19 - Dec 22, 2015
By far the best out there for iPhone. Plenty of data, great interface and technically superior. Only thing I would like to see is more choices for source data. Update: Still the best!
Don't spend money for weather app 

by Oakland undersoggz - Dec 22, 2015
I think spending money on weather apps is dum but this will have everything u need and accurate compared to other app and local weather station best one I know
Best weather app!!! 

by Alex B.. - Dec 22, 2015
Simply the best!!!
The best weather app 

by meadmakerman - Dec 22, 2015
I've been using this for several years and it is the best. Love the radar and customization. Great app!
Extremely useful app 

by HM2-8404 - Dec 22, 2015
I have found this app to be very useful and accurate. Updated often it provides ongoing meteorological data that insures that I know what to expect for the next week. With ever changing weather conditions it is nice to know this app is available. I highly recommend this app to others without reservation. The latest updates have made this app even more incredible. This app is terrific for planning out trips and knowing what the weather will be like. It makes available two weather services so that you can compare eschews prediction. It provides barometric pressures, wind speeds,seismic information, tidal information as well as a plethora of other information. It is truly a useful and well done.app.

by Bad boy rudy - Dec 22, 2015
Best app I've found !!
E wheather 

by Kitty gamer - Dec 22, 2015
Great app. Its the best.
Great app!! 

by Alejoch07 - Dec 22, 2015
Love this app works very well and I like that it gives you the "feels like" temperature so you know exactly what to wear ;)
Best weather App I've used 

by DG-rope - Dec 22, 2015
Refer to it several times a day, I have several cities set up, is great for Travel.

by Cann620 - Dec 22, 2015
This app keeps us posted as to travel conditions when to expect the next storm.
Happy with the forecast 

by Elfhaterlori - Dec 22, 2015
I'm very happy with the forecasting and would recommend to friends. Thank you
Muy bueno 

by Nozber - Dec 22, 2015
Muy recomendable

by ZappedT - Dec 21, 2015
I have fought migraines for years, in direct correlation with variations in the barometric weather changes. This is the first app to provide concise and informative information which allows me to both monitor as well as track changes in the barometer. THANK YOU FOR AN EXCEPTIONAL APP!
This one is the best 

by Lucky2448 - Dec 21, 2015
I have five weather apps on my phone, but this is the one I always go to first. It is clear and beautiful, and surprisingly accurate. It gives the best overview and long range forecast, and the clearest details. I love the 12 hour clock with so many features on it. If you only buy one app, this is the one to get.
5 Stars 

by Tuckerwink - Dec 21, 2015
Beautiful and accurate......
eWeather HD is wonderful!! 

by Springis - Dec 21, 2015
I'm with the majority-I have tried many and I keep coming back to this one. IT IS PERFECT JUST LIKE IT IS...SO DO NOT TWEEK IT ANYMORE. I have learned a lot just by using this app. Good job!
Weather or not This Is The App 

by Casasdeluz - Dec 21, 2015
Great combination of data and layout! Just purchased and so far has all that I'm looking for. Keep up the great work.
Very good weather app 

by alpacamac - Dec 21, 2015
Lots of info. And it's pretty too.
Love it 

by TinkerSays - Dec 21, 2015
One of, if not the best weather app for iPhone. Have been using it for years & it's accuracy keeps me a faithful user.
Trusted weather advisory 

by FL247 - Dec 21, 2015
Gives you all the information you need for planning and so much more. Well worth the time and money!
Excellent app 

by StrosP - Dec 21, 2015
Easy to set and use. Great use of graphics. Wish it were easier to access more detailed forecast info.
Best weather app I've seen 

by Miklos7 - Dec 21, 2015
Have used eWeather HD for two years-plus. It is accurate, and all the information is very handsomely displayed. If you want a truly good weather app, look no further. This is the one.
Best weather app 

by J2Nmkoi - Dec 21, 2015
I have tried several. This is easy to use, accurate information (as much as any)
It's a terrific app! 

by KKS12 - Dec 21, 2015
You will not be disappointed at all with this app! It is great for minute to minute and hour-to-hour weather and for 15-day projected forecasts. It's always a step-ahead of my local news station; and normally more accurate! There is much information for the experienced weather-buff and also for the novice like myself. I can keep up with long-distance friend's local weather here in The States with a simple swipe, and in another second know where there have been earthquakes anywhere in the world. The interface/graphics are great! Try it!!

by okcjeff - Dec 21, 2015
This app has a lot of information and is very customizable.
Awesome app! Lots of info at your fingertips! 

by AppreciateAGoodApp - Dec 21, 2015
Most versatile with a gorgeous layout. This is the one to give up "Weather" for.
Very Comprehensive yet Easy to Use 

by Skirt - Dec 21, 2015
This a very nicely built weather app that has impressive graphics. Contains a ton of features and works great on both the iPhone and iPad. Is very accurate in all the areas I've used it and the location based services work well.

by P. Aldin - Dec 21, 2015
Amazing! My favorite app.
Great app, I work outside and like to see how to dress . Also very accurate , and love the animation 

by Hammer2510 - Dec 21, 2015
Love the new animation ! Great weather info at a glance ! Keep up the good work .
Really good weather app 

by Handy & Convenient - Dec 21, 2015
I really like it.
Great Weather App 

by Scouting1 - Dec 21, 2015
I use this app everyday. I know what to expect before I walk out the door. Great app!
Works well for my needs 

by Mike92306 - Dec 21, 2015
This app has all the features most casual users need. The ability to access multiple locations with ease and receive weather alarms for some or all of them is a plus. The maps are easy to read and navigate through. I've been very happy with this app since I got it about four months ago.
My "GoTo" weather app 

by Marty W52 - Dec 21, 2015
When I want to know weather this is where I go. I find it is more likely to hit it right than others. I like the ease of finding when is sun or moon rise and set. And now I like being able to check tide movements. These things are important to my job
Favorite weather app 

by Wonder girl1 - Dec 21, 2015
I think this is the best weather app out there. I keep trying others but always come back to this one.
Great app 

by Dc.scribe - Dec 21, 2015
Useful to plan outdoor activities.
Great weather app. 

by JerryJags - Dec 21, 2015
Great weather app.
Best weather app I've used 

by txallycat - Dec 21, 2015
I'm a weather nut from way back, and of all the apps I've tried, this one is the best. Easy to navigate and use and it has all the info I need, like baro and radar, to stay on top of the constantly changing weather here in the CO Rockies. Love this app!
Simply the Best 


by AustinTaos - Dec 21, 2015
Has everything. No need to look at any other. Been using this great app for years!
My #1 Weather App! 

by Kat-er-wahl - Dec 21, 2015
Been using this app for several years and it remains my #1 choice. Check it out if you're looking for a comprehensive source for weather.
STILL my favorite 

by Sue415 - Dec 20, 2015
This is still the weather app I go to several times a day. The best! Thank you.
This app is great! 

by erint80 - Dec 20, 2015
Updated review: This app is still wonderful but I find that sometimes it is slower to load and the push weather updates aren't coming through right away. Sometimes it will be at the end of an emergency weather situation, which is much less helpful than it used to be. Still, I use this app exclusively for weather Older version review: Extremely helpful and accurate - especially in extreme weather. Great severe weather alert system. Nice interface and easy to navigate. The radar page is great because you can customize it with so many options. Worth the investment!!
Absolutely love it! 

by CarolLOTR - Dec 20, 2015
I use it every day. It is useful for temperatures anywhere in the country, radar, earthquakes. I highly recommend it.
Favorite weather app. 

by Isidorosa - Dec 20, 2015
I've used several different weather apps. This is my favorite by far. Gives you tons of information!
Fantastic App! 

by jestherd - Dec 20, 2015
Where you are and where you're going are both covered in this app...including wind, precip, round the clock info and fabulous visuals! A must have app for weather info!

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